Trends for Interior Shutters in the Michigan Area

Interior shutters

Go over popular ideas for interior shutters in Michigan with our team at Clear Fortress Window Solutions. We provide you with expert advice about Auburn Hills window treatments, including shutters, drapes, blinds, and more.

Indoor shutters add an appealing visual element to your home or business. Find out more about the types of shutters available in Michigan by reaching out to us at (248) 482-2730.

What Are the Best Interior Shutters?

We’ve identified three styles of interior shutters that stand out from the crowd:

  • Plantation
  • Composite
  • Wood

Review the pros and cons of these window coverings below.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters in Michigan have a lot of staying power. Property owners have been using these shutters for hundreds of years, making them a tried-and-true option. They look fantastic while helping you regulate the temperature in your home.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters come in several styles. They stand out due to the material used in their construction. Companies generally use a blend of wood and plastic when making composite shutters, giving them extra durability.

Wood Shutters

Some property owners prefer the natural look of wood for their Auburn Hills window treatments. You may select wooden blinds instead of shutters for similar levels of privacy. Generally, property owners use horizontal wooden blinds.

Where Are the Best Places for Custom Interior Shutters in your Home?

Custom window treatments can improve the appearance of any room in your home. However, many property owners choose to install interior shutters in their:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms

These spaces often see a lot of use in day-to-day life. Setting up beautiful interior shutters in your bedroom allows you to enjoy the aesthetic benefits when you wake up every morning. The shutters also help keep light out of the room when you sleep.

Interior shutters increase privacy in bathroom areas as well. You may shut the slats in these shutters, preventing people from looking through. Because shutters are made of solid material, unlike drapes, people cannot peer through them to see inside.

Finally, many people enjoy interior shutters in their living room as a way to add visual flair to this shared space. You may also shut the interior shutters to reduce the glare of exterior light on your television if you want to watch a movie or show.

Benefits of Custom Interior Shutters

Interior shutters offer property owners in Michigan several significant benefits. We recommend that you review the upsides of installing interior shutters in your home or business before making a final design decision.

Energy Efficiency

Interior shutters help boost the energy efficiency of your home. They provide a solid barrier in your windows, regulating temperature much better than fabric window coverings or blinds alone.

Shutters often keep heat from entering your home in the summer months. In the winter, they hold the heat produced by your furnace inside. These shutters reduce the strain on your heating system, directly reducing your energy expenses over time.

Privacy and Relaxation

Do you want to increase the privacy of your home? Interior shutters offer you a great way to block out the rest of the world. Once you close the interior shutters, they form a barrier between your home and the outdoor space.

Companies usually make interior shutters of wood or composite materials, providing you with far more privacy than most curtains or drapes. The privacy afforded by these shutters allows you to relax in your home without worrying about people looking in without your permission.

You may find these shutters especially useful in rooms like the bathroom or your bedroom. Once you close them over the window, it’s like you’re closing off the rest of the world.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

The majority of interior shutters contain wood or strong composite materials. These materials may last for decades if you care for them properly. In addition, interior shutters usually outlast exterior models because they avoid exposure to the elements, changing temperatures, and insects.

If the shutters begin to wear out, it’s often very easy to remove damaged or flaking paint to apply a new coat. If you chose a natural stain finish for your shutters, you might only need to reapply the stain to bring the shutters back to their natural luster.

Maintenance for indoor shutters often involves simply wiping them down to get rid of dust.

Why Clear Fortress Is the Best Place for Custom

Do you have more questions about Auburn Hills window treatments or the benefits of interior shutters? Start getting the answers you’re looking for today from Clear Fortress Window Solutions. Our family-owned company provides professional assistance to home and business owners in Michigan. Set up an appointment to discuss interior shutters with a team member by calling (248) 482-2730.

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