Shutters 101: What You Need to Know

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Are you considering shutters for your home? You can get a crash course about shutters in Michigan from our team at Clear Fortress Window Solutions. Allow us to provide you with answers to all your questions when you call (248) 482-2730.

What Are Shutters?

The experts use the term “shutters” to refer to rigid or solid window treatments. Usually, shutters have a framework that contains horizontal vanes. You can move the vanes in some shutters, tilting them up or down to allow light or air into a room; other shutters have fixed vanes that stay in one position.

Many shutters attach to a building with a hinge that allows you to pull them open or closed, usually to cover or uncover a window. However, some shutters are mounted permanently in place, serving more for decoration than anything else.

What Is the Difference Between Interior and Exterior Shutters?

When it comes to window treatments in Michigan, you can choose between interior or exterior shutters. Interior shutters go inside your home or business and often play the role of blinds. They fit inside your window frame, and you can typically raise or lower the slats.

Exterior shutters go on the outside of your house. They are usually heavy-duty. Traditionally, homeowners closed exterior shutters over their windows in the event of a storm, protecting the glass from projectiles thrown by heavy winds or even hailstones.

Shutter Materials

You can review the materials used for window shutters right here.


High-quality wood shutters can provide a striking look to your home. Wooden shutters have traditional appeal, giving a sense of warmth and luxury to any room. Wood is the oldest material used to make shutters.

Composite Wood

Wood is a beautiful choice for shutters in Michigan. However, it’s always a costly option. Therefore, many homeowners consider composite wood, which has a wood core covered in vinyl.

Composite wood shutters give you the look of wood, often cost less, and tend to stand up better over time to humidity and exposure to light.


You may also select complete vinyl shutters for your window coverings. These shutters use a poly-resin material and often have the same look as wood shutters. They work very well as a low-maintenance option, and they generally last a long time.


We don’t see aluminum shutters as often as shutters made of other materials. However, you may want to explore these window treatments in Michigan. Aluminum shutters are made of metal, giving them increased durability.

Style of Shutters

You have multiple options if you’re interested in adding shutters to your property. Our team can help you find the quality window treatment that meets your needs and fits your tastes. Explore some of your options with the following shutter styles:

Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters are the traditional style seen around Michigan. They have horizontal slats that you can move up and down to control the amount of light allowed into your home. In addition, you can usually adjust the angle of the slats with louvered shutters.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters grew popular in the United States during the Antebellum era. These shutters often have an eye-catching appearance due to their wider louvers. They work very well if you have large windows due to this style adjustment.

Arched Window Shutters

Arched window shutters work well if you have oddly shaped windows in your home. For example, they can fit windows with a half-circle or arched section. Otherwise, you may need to create custom shutters to fit these windows.

Wide Slat Shutters

Wide slat shutters provide you with a stunning look. They generally have the broadest louvers, giving you more control over the amount of light or air entering your property. You can speak with a shutter professional to decide on the best option for your home in Michigan.

Professional Installation Shutters from Clear Fortress Window Solutions

You can deck out your home with shutters in Michigan. Our team at Clear Fortress Window Solutions can provide you with personalized advice about your window covering options. You can reach out to us easily when you call (248) 482-2730.

We’ll help you learn more about shutters and discuss the installation process.

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