The Top 7 Window Shades Styles to Consider When Buying Window Treatments

Window shades

If you are in the market for new window shades for your home or business, you will likely see that there are a lot of options from which to choose in window shades styles. To make the best-informed decision, it helps to learn about the attributes of each of the different styles. Read on to find which style is best for your distinct situations.

Window Shades! You've Got to See This!

Window shades are a great window shading idea because they are extremely customizable and can display your personality and style. When you choose custom window shades in Michigan, you can get advice on how to have them blend in with their surroundings, or they may take center stage as a focal point with bright colors or patterns in any window.

Window shades are easy to operate, and they are very durable and long-lasting, so you won’t need to replace them any time soon. You can choose a light and airy fabric for light-filtering window shades styles, a thick and luxurious fabric for room darkening, or any fabric in between. Your choice of fabric gives you more lighting control when the blinds are down according to how much light you want to let in your windows.

7 Window Shades Styles - Find the Perfect Shades for Your Home or Business

Choose window shades for any window in your home or business from a large selection of window shades styles. Each window shades styles has its advantages for you in lighting control, privacy, and energy efficiency, and they are customizable because they are made from fabric.

1. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades because of the way they are made. They contain tiny cells that are sandwiched between two layers of fabric. The cells trap hot air next to your windows in the summer, and cold air next to your windows in the winter. 

This window shades styles allows you to use less heating and cooling all year round to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature. Cellular shades are considered a premium product for energy efficiency, and they are your best bet for saving valuable money on your monthly bills.

Graber modern cellular shades

2. Layered Shades or Zebra Shades

Layered shades or zebra shades are made uniquely. They have alternating horizontal stripes of two different fabrics that are sewn together in one sheet of material. One of the fabrics is a thinner material, and the other is a thicker material to combine the advantages of light filtering and room darkening all in one exclusive product. 

You have many choices in the colors and thicknesses of the fabrics to control your heat gain and the sun’s UV rays as you wish.

Layered Shades or Zebra Shades

3. Natural Shades

All natural window shades styles, or woven wood shades as they are also called, are made from weaving natural grasses and bamboo into a sheet of fabric. The colors are natural as well in shades of brown and green for a cozy feel in any room. The tighter woven shades will block more light out than shades with a looser weave. This allows you to choose how much light comes through the window with the shades down. 

An added feature is that tiny pinholes of light can come through the looser weaves, and the light will reflect on the walls of your indoor spaces for an aesthetically pleasing effect.

natural window shades style

4. Pleated Shades

Pleated shades add a textured aesthetic to all of your windows. When they are down, they appear like a flat sheet of material, but when you raise them, they fold accordion style at the top of the window in horizontal pleats. 

You can choose from a wide selection of subtle textures, neutral colors, solid colors, and vibrant patterns to match your decor seamlessly.

pleated shades

5. Roman Shades

Roman shades have many different types within this style of window shading products. The flat front Roman shade looks like a solid sheet of fabric when down, and it folds into neat and tidy horizontal folds at the top of the window when you raise them. 

The soft fold Roman shade shows soft folds both when it’s opened or closed to give you lots of interest in your windows.

box pleated drapes and printed roman shades

6. Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are a wonderful combination of a window blind and a window shade with the benefits of both. They are made of soft fabric like a shade, but the soft inner vanes can be tilted open and shut like a window blind for filtered lighting. 

These are the most functional of all the types of shades, with the front and back being soft and delicate layers of sheer fabric. These work best in windows that don’t get an extreme amount of heat and sunshine.

Sheer Shades

7. Solar and Roller Shades

These two types of window shades styles are very popular. A roller shade refers to how the shades operate when you open them. The fabric rolls up onto a protective cassette at the top of the window frame when it is mounted with a crisp and clean look. You can choose any type of fabric color, theme, style, and thickness you wish. 

Solar shades are a type of roller shade because of the way they function. Solar shades are made from a screen-like material to block the UV rays of the sun to keep your home or business much cooler in the summer months.

solar shades on three windows

Factors to Consider When Buying Window Treatments

As a homeowner or a business owner, you may not realize how hard your window treatments work for you. There are several different aspects to consider before purchasing from a window treatment store in Michigan. For bedroom and bathroom windows, you should choose window coverings with a total privacy factor. This can be achieved by choosing thicker fabrics, a blackout product, or by adding a liner to the back of your shade for room-darkening effects.

You also need to consider how much lighting control you want. Roller shades include solar, cellular, natural, sheer, and pleated shades. These operate all alike as window treatments in Michigan in that you can raise them entirely to see out of your windows and let the sunshine in, or you can raise them partially or lower them entirely to block sunlight. Sheer shades give you more lighting control because you can tilt the vanes like a window blind in addition to the functionality of a roller shade.

Window shades of all types are more versatile because they are made from fabric to give you unlimited choices in their appearance.

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