5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms That Will Bring the Holiday Spirit Into Your Home

Living room decorated for Christmas.

How to Decorate Your Cozy Living Room for Christmas

When winter arrives with the cold winds and snow, it’s a great time to stay inside and decorate your home for the holidays. You can have a cup of hot chocolate and make a nice cozy fire while listening to holiday music and decorating your home. Read on to find out the best Christmas decorating ideas for living rooms to make your home festive for this 2022 holiday season.

#1. Enhance Your Window Treatments

One of the best areas in your living room to place your Christmas tree is in front of one of your largest windows. This gives your home a cozy feel even from the street as guests arrive as they gaze at the colorful lights and decorations on it. 

On the inside, the lights and bright colors of your Christmas tree will be reflected into the windows for an added touch of sparkle and whimsy.

Another great Christmas decorating idea for your living room is to make additions to your window treatments in Michigan with many different items, such as festive window stickers or clings, a beautiful garland draped over the drapery rod or over the top of the window, or a simple strand of fairy lights at the top of the windows. 

Window Treatments for 2022 Holidays

Instead, you may choose to add a Christmas-themed valance to the top of your living room windows that takes only minutes to put up, and you can easily remove it after the holidays. The addition of candles at different heights on a windowsill adds some extra lighting from the inside of your home, and you can always use LED candles for safety.

#2. The Importance of Lighting

Ambient lighting is the key for your festive decor and Christmas decorating ideas for your living room, and it works well for bedroom decorating tips as well. 

You can use multicolor flashing lights for ambient lighting on your mantle combined with a fresh garland. This will showcase your mantle while the warmth of the lights will release the natural winter fragrance of a fresh garland to add a glorious scent to your living room as an added feature. 

Christmas Lighting

If you want a more demure and quiet setting, consider using lights in one color such as clear or white that stay lit without flickering for ambiance. These work well to frame a window in your bedroom for ambient lighting.

#3. Little Touches of Festivity

The addition of small touches of festivity for Christmas decorating ideas in your living room will make it cohesive and extra cozy. You can round up your family and make a quaint little gingerbread house for display on your mantel, on a window sill, or on an end table in your living room. 

If you have a coffee table, consider a birch log votive holder. These can be purchased ready-made, or you can make it a new family tradition, and cut a birch tree limb, then drill holes in it for tea lights or votive candles.

#4. Making a Statement with Color

Consider Christmas decorating ideas for your living room with Washi tape. It’s a sort of decorative masking tape that is easy to remove from any items you use it on. You can coordinate your Christmas stockings on the mantle with a stripe of the same color or pattern of the tape on each one. 

This product is also a great way to get kids involved in decor without any mess involved. If you have solid one color Christmas tree decorations, you can add Washi tape to them to change up the colors and make them bright. It doesn’t need to be solid green or red for all of the baubles, but they should match each other in a pattern and solid colors as well.

#5. Patterns and Textures in December

It’s always a cozy feel in your living room in the winter if you have some nice warm blankets available to snuggle under. They can actually be a great Christmas decorating idea for your living room as well, if you roll them up and place them in a basket for anyone to use as they need them. 

This idea also can extend to your bedroom decor ideas. Great patterns include snowflakes, Christmas trees, combinations of patterns in red and green, and reindeer, as well as Santa Claus. You can add wonderful texture to a wall by using designer fabrics. 

Enhance Window Treatments for Holidays

Create a Christmas tree on a wall with a trunk in one fabric of your choosing and a tree cut out in another fabric. The trunk works well with a tweed fabric for the ultimate in texture and a focal point in your living room. This can also have a double duty of being the place that you display your Christmas cards.

We Can Help You With Your Decorating Needs

At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, we have a dedicated and highly experienced staff to help you with your Christmas decorating ideas for your living room with window treatments in Michigan. 

One of our creative window covering designers in Michigan would be more than pleased to help you with fabulous ideas for your decor. We have installed thousands of different types of decor over the years as your premier window treatment store in Michigan with the most diverse options in the area, and would love to help you as well. 

Tell us in the comment section if you have ideas, and we can start from there. Contact us for your Christmas decor needs!

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