Tips for Cleaning Residential & Commercial Blinds

Residential blinds

Cleaning your blinds is a necessary chore, but it’s easy to forget about in the face of everything else you have to keep in order. Whether it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned them or you’re rigorous about your blinds, these tips for cleaning window blinds will help you remove allergens and dust right away!

Tips for Cleaning Home Blinds

Before you start cleaning any blinds, make sure they’re in a fully closed position so you can clean the entire side. As you move forward, you can open and rotate the slats, allowing you to remove as much dust as possible throughout your cleaning process. If your blinds are horizontal, start with the top slat and work your way down. If they’re vertical, make sure you wipe them top to bottom so you pick up as much dust as possible.

Some of our favorite hacks for window blind cleaning include:

  • Use your vacuum: The brush attachment on your vacuum is perfect for lifting dust from your blinds without sending it into the air around you. Other options include a feather duster or even an old sock.
  • Follow up with a moist cloth: Once you’ve gotten most of the dust cleared from the slats, get a slightly damp cloth and set to work on any tough stains. Once you’re done, avoid streaks and prolonged moisture exposure by drying them off with a dry cloth.

Tips for Cleaning Commercial Blinds

Office blinds are often even more forgotten than blinds in residential homes. While there is not much difference in caring for commercial blinds compared to residential ones, you may want to further:

  • Consider your blind type: Certain blinds require more care than others. Wood blinds, in particular, are known to require a few more steps to stay polished and prevent moisture damage. Whatever type your blinds are, ensure you have the right tools for the job before you get started.
  • Spot-clean as necessary: Depending on where you hang them and how often certain rooms are used, some blinds may need more regular cleaning the others. Since taking on all your commercial blinds at once can be a large undertaking, consider developing a routine that targets frequently used areas more often so all your blinds can stay equally clean and beautiful.

How Often Should You Clean Window Blinds?

There are many methods for cleaning window blinds, and each of them offers something different in terms of dust and debris removal. In most cases, a simple dusting or vacuuming is suitable for regular cleanings and preventing excess dust in the air. We suggest you do this once a week.

Then, once a month, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your blinds more thoroughly and remove any built-up allergens. Finally, break out the soap and water at least twice a year to give your blinds a good scrub that combats deep-set dirt, stains and bacteria.

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