The Best Window Treatments for Awning Windows

Awning window treatments

Clear Fortress Window Solutions is your one-stop shop for all window fashions, regardless of what kind of windows your property boasts. Awning windows often require a practiced hand and solid communication to furnish, and our professional customer service team is ready to take on yours through our custom full-service window treatments.

What Is an Awning Window?

Awning windows are unique in that they have a hinge at the top and open from the bottom. They usually use something similar to a crank system, so you can open them at any angle, and are especially popular in bathrooms and kitchens. Because these rooms demand more privacy than most, it’s common for these types of windows to sit higher on a wall than others.

Window Treatments for Awning Windows

Awning windows are different from your typical window, and as such, you should consider closely which window treatments will be most compatible. When customers with awning windows come to us for window coverings, we suggest these options first:

  • Window film: In most cases, the best comprehensive window treatment is window film, as it attaches directly to the glass. This means you can have full treatment coverage when your windows are open, and you don’t have to think about tying back curtains or moving them out of the way.
  • Draperies: Still, nothing can beat the breezy elegance of floor-length draperies framing your windows. Drapes can make an excellent choice for awnings as you can move them when you want to open the windows and return them to their place when you want more privacy.
  • Shades: Many people consider awning window shades to be the ultimate window treatment. Like window film, you can use shades any time and still have access to the open and close mechanisms.

Each of these treatments offers dozens of styles, so whichever option — or options — you choose, you’ll have choices that fit your style preferences and still let you get the most benefits from your awning windows.

The Benefits of Window Treatments for Your Awning Window

Clear Fortress Window Solutions specializes in window covers and treatments because we believe every room has a right to:

  • Privacy: Whether you’re on the first floor or the tenth, it’s challenging to know whether anyone can see into your space and peek at your private moments. Window treatments give you full control over who sees in and what you can see outside, helping you create the private oasis you deserve at any time of day.
  • Climate control: Many of our window treatments keep harmful UV rays from entering your space and heating it up past what’s comfortable. They can keep furniture and materials from aging and fading and keep heating or cooling levels where you want them to be while still allowing natural light to brighten your space.

Get Awning Window Treatment at Clear Fortress Window Solutions

At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, we’re ready to provide window coverings for awning windows every day. We respond to requests quickly so our expert designers and talented installation team get to work as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and start working out your installation timeline when you contact us today.

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