Things to Consider Prior to Purchasing Window Treatments

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Finding the right window treatments requires many considerations, from visual appeal to functionality. At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, we work closely with you to help you select window treatments that complement your decor with qualities that meet your needs.

Types of Window Treatments

Window treatments are used to cover windows, either partially or entirely. Window treatments come in various types, enabling you to select ones that best suit your preferences. Here are some common window treatments:

  • Blinds: This window treatment comprises of slats or louvers that tilt to adjust the amount of light that enters. The louvers come in various materials, including wood and faux wood. Blinds can also be vertical or horizontal.
  • Shades: Shades are a single piece of fabric or material that pulls up and down through a lifting mechanism or a cord.
  • Shutters: This is a solid type of window treatment that consists of horizontal louvers in a frame. Shutters are usually made of wood or wood composite.
  • Draperies: Draperies are a type of window covering made of heavy fabric panels hanging from a rod or track. They move seamlessly on the rod to open or close.

What to Consider When Purchasing Window Treatments

With many great options available, choosing the perfect window treatments for your space can take some time and effort. Here are are few things to consider before you buy window treatments:


Window treatments come in varying levels of functionality. For instance, some offer more privacy than others, and some allow more light to enter a room. When you buy window treatments, consider which rooms you plan to install them in and the amount of light or privacy you prefer.


Regular window treatment cleaning is a form of maintenance that helps you maximize their longevity and appearance. Knowing and applying the proper cleaning methods to your specific type of window treatment is essential to preventing damage. You’ll want to buy window treatments that align with your cleaning schedule.

Personal Style

Window treatments come in a wide range of types, materials and colors. As a part of your home’s decor, you’ll want to choose window treatments that blend in well with the rest of each room’s design. Different window treatments can help you achieve various looks, from simplistic to bold styles.

The Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

A custom window treatment is made to fit your preferred look and size, making it an excellent solution for any space. Here are the main benefits of custom window treatments:

  • Precise window measurements: Custom window treatments are tailor-made to fit your window’s exact dimensions.
  • Design flexibility: Custom treatments offer various design options. You can select your preferred texture, color, material and finish.
  • Professional treatment: A professional window treatment specialist will offer expert advice on which window treatment will best complement your space and better insight into all your options.

Get Started With Clear Fortress Window Treatments

When you’re ready to buy quality window treatments to transform your space, turn to Clear Fortress Window Solutions. We have decades of experience providing commercial and residential properties with various types of window treatments.

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