Solar Shade Insulation: Dark or Light?


Picking solar window shades for your home requires asking questions, such as whether you should choose dark or light shades. Clear Fortress Window Solutions has the answers to all your questions about this window treatment.

What Are Solar Shades?

Solar window shades are a unique type of window treatment that focuses on sun protection over privacy. Many solar shades let you have a partial or unobstructed view of the outside world while preventing UV rays from affecting your inside space. Like other treatments, solar shades for windows come in a huge variety of styles suitable for everything from rustic townhomes to modern skyscrapers.

Dark vs. Light Solar Shades

When it comes to choosing your insulated window shades, color is just as important as size and shape. As you consider your options, remember these features:

  • Dark shades: Dark colors absorb heat and glare, making it easier to see a crisp image of the outside world. If you want to see more of the world around you, dark shades are the right choice.
  • Light shades: Softer colors will reflect light, creating a hazy, blurry effect on your screen. If you don’t like the view outside your window or you have privacy concerns, lighter fabrics may be a better option.

Furthermore, every color comes in varying degrees of opacity or “openness.” The openness factor is determined by how tight the fabric is woven — the tighter the fabric, the less open and more capable it is of blocking light and exterior views. Openness is measured in percentages and categorized as such:

  • Blackout: Blackout shades have a 0% factor and block out the maximum amount of sunlight and views.
  • Low openness: This option usually comes in between 1-5%. These shades allow you to see movement beyond the shade, but not much more.
  • Medium openness: Medium open shades, which have about 7-10% openness, give you the best combination of UV protection and unobstructed sight.
  • High openness: Anything above 10% is considered high openness. The fabric still offers protection, but for the most part, it’s transparent on both sides, meaning people can see inside as easily as you can see out.

The Benefits of Solar Shades

Whatever shade color and opacity you choose, all solar window shades help control:

  • Light: Sun protection is the main purpose of solar shades. When UV rays beat down on your house or property day after day, they can fade furniture and flooring. Solar shades keep these rays from affecting anything inside.
  • Climate: Without window treatments, you have little control over how much sun comes into your space. The more sunlight, the hotter the interior temperature, meaning your air regulation system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable climate. Solar shades will help you find the balance between lighting and comfort.

It’s important to note that window solar shades do not offer the same level of privacy as standard window treatments, and when it’s dark outside, solar shades may make it easier for other people to see what’s happening inside. If privacy is a concern for you, talk to Clear Fortress Window Solutions so that we can come up with a solution that provides protection and privacy simultaneously.

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