How Do You Mix and Match Window Treatments?

Mixed window treatments

Selecting window treatments for your home can be quite a project. There are so many different types of window coverings, such as draperies, blinds, shades, shutters, valances, cornices, and many styles of each of these from which to choose. 

Can You Mix and Match Window Treatments in the Same Room?

Gone are the olden days when your home had the exact same window treatments in every window of your home. You can mix and match your window treatments, and it will still look professional, as long as you follow a few tips. You can even mix and match window treatments in one room, and this works especially well if two windows are adjacent to each other, are different sizes, or one happens to be a specialty-shaped window. Mixing the window coverings gives your spaces a unique appearance and lets your personality shine while adding texture and interest to every room in your home. You can experiment with different types of combinations of window treatments in Michigan as long as there is some symmetry between them in one room.

How Do You Mix and Match Window Draperies?

Draperies give you an unlimited supply of different fabrics in many colors, patterns, types, weights, and styles. Fabric window treatments can really dress up a room immediately.

Layering window treatments will give you the best results possible. You can start with the first layer next to the window and then add more layers in front of it. This idea gives you more insulation near your windows, and not only does it save you valuable money on your energy costs, but it also looks absolutely stunning and Pinterest-worthy.

You can start with sheer panels as your first layer and then add thicker drapery panels on the front of them. You should keep the sheer panels the same in the windows and use a neutral tone. 

Then, when you add your drapery panels to the front, choose a solid color or a pattern you really love. In other windows in your home or in the same room, you can use different drapery panels as your second layer, but make sure that they repeat at least one color in them.

DraperiesBy Clear Fortress Window Solutions Rochester Hills - See more Home Design Photos

You may have a window that doesn’t get a lot of hot sunlight in it in the summer. You can start with a lovely lacey sheer panel and add drapery side panels to it with a splash of color that pops and adds a lot of interest to your space. Then you can repeat the sheer panel in the same color and choose a different shade in the same color palette for the side panels, which are mainly decorative.

For windows that get a lot of sunlight, such as windows that face west, you may start with your first layer being a shade or a blind of any sort that you like. This again would be in a solid color, and then you can add drapery panels with color on top of the shade or blind. This idea works best with roller shades and horizontal blinds as your first layer because they have clean and simple lines. The horizontal blinds and the vertical drapery panels compliment each other, and they can be a show-stopping attraction depending on the fabric you choose. Clear Fortress Window Solutions is here to help you with your task.

Do All Window Treatments Have to Match?

The answer to this question is absolutely not! You can also mix and match hard window treatments in one room if you like. Specialty-shaped windows are a huge accent in any room of your home. Selecting custom shutters for them, really makes them a focal point in your spaces. You can use shutters on one window in one room and then use blinds or Michigan shades in other windows in the same room. From there you can add drapery panels on the other windows if you desire.

When you mix and match window treatments, you are adding visual texture to your windows. You can pair wooden shutters with a metallic color drapery, or cellular shades can pair with plantation shutters. There are no steadfast rules in home decor.

There is only one item that you need to be aware of in your quest for beautiful windows. Each of the window treatments in one room needs to be hung at the same height above the windows, or it will look odd. This gives your room symmetry.

Choose to Mix and Match Your Window Treatments: Clear Fortress Window Solutions Can Help

Our expert designers can help you to mix and match your Michigan window treatments to make your home amazing. No matter what type of window coverings you are considering, at Clear Fortress Window Solutions, we can help you with custom-made Michigan drapes and Michigan shades to beautify your home. Contact Clear Fortress Window Solutions now! We look forward to hearing about your new window treatment project.

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