Automation vs. Motorization: Window Treatments

Automated window treatments

Companies advertise many Michigan window treatments as either automated or motorized. Property owners may wonder what differentiates automation and motorization or whether they represent the same thing.

Automation and motorization have several differences in how they operate and the amount of interaction they require from a property owner. Find out more about these systems with our team at Clear Fortress Window Solutions when you call (248) 482-2730.

What Are Motorized Window Treatments?

Michigan motorized window treatments include all window coverings that have and use a motor, including window treatments that operate using:

  • Remotes
  • Wall switches
  • Push-button wands
  • Other controls

Some motorized window treatments are battery-operated and rechargeable. In other cases, you have to replace the batteries each time they wear out. In other cases, you may purchase hard-wired motorized systems that draw energy directly from the electricity flowing through your home.

Regardless of the power source for a motorized window treatment, it does not operate independently. Instead, such treatments only turn on and move after activating them through their controls.

motorization vs automation

What Are Automation Window Treatments?

Automated window treatments do not require you to directly enter orders every time you want them to change their position. However, they also have motors and share the same potential power sources as motorized options.

Indeed, all automated window treatments are motorized. However, they take the technological aspect of their design further. For example, if you have automated blinds, side panels, or drapery, you can program them to function on their own.

Many people use their tablets, phones, or voice assistants to program and control their automated metal blinds, side panels, or drapes.

Homeowners can program these treatments to raise and lower at pre-set times, without any need for interaction with a person when the time comes. As long as the automated system’s motor functions, the system will carry out your orders.

Motorization vs. Automation Window Treatment: What Is the Difference?

Automated window treatments represent a specific subset of motorized treatments. All automated window treatments are also motorized, but not all motorized window treatments are automated, setting these two options apart.

Michigan motorized window treatments allow you to simplify the process of raising and lowering your blinds, for example, while still requiring direct interaction before they move. Automating the system allows you to set a schedule and enable the system to handle it for you.

Motorized or Automated: Which Is Right for Me?

You have options for selecting the right Michigan window treatments for your home. Depending on your style, you may want solar roller shades, woven drapes, wooden blinds, or interior shutters.

Once you select a style for your window coverings, you then have the option to choose either motorized or automated options. These options come with benefits that make them the right choice for homeowners with different needs.

Michigan motorized window treatments represent a great choice if you want to raise or lower window treatments in difficult-to-reach areas, such as:

  • Behind a large sofa
  • High on the wall
  • Over a sink

Reaching windows in these tricky positions on your own could require you to get a ladder, move your furniture, or climb up onto the counter. Motorizing your window treatments allows you to avoid the hassle. Instead, you just need to press a button to get the desired results.

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