Four Steps to Ensure Your Window Treatment Installation Goes Smoothly

A man measuring a window treatment.

Home renovation projects provide positive design benefits. Window treatment installation can transform the interior and exterior of your home. Make sure to install them carefully, so you can reap the full reward of your home decorating investment.

Michigan homeowners have two primary ways to ensure that their installation goes as intended. Either schedule an appointment with Clear Fortress Window Solutions, the best window treatment installer near Michigan or handle the process themselves.

Calling a Michigan window coverings installer will ensure that your treatments get set up as quickly and accurately as possible. On the other hand, taking on the project without needing to search for “window treatment installer near me” or “blinds installation near me” can be rewarding.

If you are inclined to tackle installation on your own, here are four ways to ensure that it goes smoothly.

1. Ensure Proper Measurements

Nothing ruins window treatment installation quite like incorrect measurements.

If you install your drapery rod too high, your new treatments will not cover your whole window. If you install it too low, the curtains will drag against the floor. And worst yet, if you don’t measure your windows before ordering treatments, you might end up with the wrong size.

It’s essential to measure twice during installation. Once to figure out what size treatments you need and again to get all the necessary pieces in the correct position. A small mismeasurement can make the difference between adequately fitting treatments and ones you will need to reinstall.

2. Read Through the Instructions

Your new window treatments will come with the installation pieces and a guide for setup. While the overall goal of putting up window treatments might be self-explanatory, it is essential to read through the product instructions carefully to ensure successful installation.

Each type of window treatment has its quirks.

For example, some might require uncommon tools to fit tightly onto the drapery rod, while others might have installation steps that aren’t obvious or don’t seem necessary. Follow the guide to ensure that your installed window treatments won’t overhang or collapse.

Some of the installation steps might be confusing for first-time installers. But if you find yourself lost at any point, your local Michigan window treatment installers at Clear Fortress Window Solutions will be able to help.

3. Set Up the Drapery Rod

The drapery rod will determine how high your new window treatments hang. These pieces will make the difference between curtains that fit over the window and ones that are too high or low. Setting the rod up in the proper place is the most crucial step of the installation process.

Unfortunately, the vital step of window treatment installation is the most challenging. Not only will you need to ensure that you’ve installed the drapery rod level and at the proper height, but you will need to drill holes in your wall to set up brackets that affix the rod in place.

You will need the following pieces to install your drapery rod:

  • Step ladder
  • Level
  • Pencil or another method to mark where brackets belong
  • Yardstick or tape measure

4. Hang Your New Window Treatments

Once you’ve measured your window, carefully read through the necessary instructions, and secured your drapery rod in its ideal location, you can finally hang your new window treatments.

If you’ve installed the drapery rod securely, you can hang the treatments directly on top. While some treatments will require additional steps before the installation is officially complete, placing the curtains is typically the final step of the process.

Custom Window Treatment Installation from Clear Fortress Window Solutions

If you are struggling with installation on your own, search for “window blinds installation services near me” to find Clear Fortress Window Solutions in Michigan.

Our team can help you finish the job if setting up your new window treatments has become too much of a hassle. We offer custom window treatment installation that affixes any window treatment in your home quickly, affordably, and correctly.

Call Clear Fortress Window Solutions today at (248) 482-2730 to schedule an installation!

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