The Benefits of Horizontal vs. Vertical Window Blinds

Horizontal blinds

The two main types of blind designs in homes and businesses are horizontal and vertical. Both blinds serve a particular purpose and provide quality window treatments when customized by professionals. 

Learn more about the differences between and benefits of horizontal and vertical window blinds.

The Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

Customized horizontal and vertical blinds both offer effective light protection and are made of similar materials, but they differ in a few key characteristics:

  • Horizontal blinds: Homeowners and businesses frequently use horizontal blinds, preferring the traditional 1- to 2-inch slat designs. These blinds work best on small- and medium-sized windows and come in several finishes. They offer easy control over light and privacy in an office or other room.
  • Vertical blinds: Vertical varieties often cover big windows and sliding doors. These blinds have large vertical panels that hang from a mounted track. A vertical setup operates with a pulley system and wand, making adjusting light and privacy a cinch.

Benefits of Custom-Made Horizontal Blinds

Custom horizontal blinds offer great control over light, come in various materials and are versatile solutions for homes and offices. Other benefits include:

  • Ample privacy: Horizontal blinds don’t sway from one side to the other due to air circulation, offering excellent coverage and privacy when closed. 
  • Beautiful designs: You can transform your space with these practical and visually appealing window treatments that come in your desired look, colors and materials. 
  • Elevated from the ground: Horizontal blinds don’t rest on the floor, making for easy dusting and cleaning. 
  • Simple functionality: These blinds are simple to operate and make minimal noise when adjusted. They are ideal for tall and narrow windows and can be motorized. 
  • Low maintenance: Custom horizontal blinds have fewer moving parts and no track to grease and maintain.

Benefits of Custom-Made Vertical Blinds

Custom vertical window blinds can add a sophisticated look to your home or business and offer a range of aesthetic options. Additional benefits include:

  • Easy to clean: Vertical blinds don’t gather dust on their panels, and they are often made from PVC, faux wood or other easy-to-clean materials. 
  • Complete customization: These window treatments come in various colors, textures, sizes and materials to fit your space perfectly.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Vertical blinds provide a stylish finish for patio doors or large windows in homes or offices. 
  • Ultimate control: With their larger panels, vertical blinds can block more sunlight. To adjust, rotate the wand and use the pulley system to allow more or less light into a space. The large overlapping panels also afford plentiful privacy.
  • Thermal efficiency: Vertical blinds help regulate temperatures by keeping the sun and heat out during summer and insulating against the cold during winter.

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