Window Fashions Ideas: How to Style Your Window

Bedroom window treatments

The windows in your room can transform the interior to match your design vision with the proper window coverings and decorations. However, coming up with window fashions ideas that work for your home is challenging with the wide variety of treatments and design options available.

The right coverings and decor can make or break your home’s aesthetic. Nailing a design is one of the easiest ways to give your house a noticeable facelift.

While figuring out where to begin might be challenging, the Michigan window fashions experts at Clear Fortress Window Solutions are here to help with a few easy tips for elevating your window’s appearance.


Consider the Values of Each Room

Not all the rooms in your house are the same. Some will have entirely different aesthetics than others and different window usages to go along with them.

For example, you might want a lot of natural light in social areas like the living room or kitchen, where you spend most of your time awake. On the other hand, somewhere like a bedroom used exclusively for sleeping might be better off without a ton of direct sunlight.

Window coverings like shutters that prioritize light are best for the bedroom, while sheer curtains that allow light in would work well for the social rooms.

Before committing to any curtain ideas, first consider the values of each room and how you want your windows to match them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

If windows are the most effective way to change your home’s interior, why not go big with grand, outside-the-box window fashions ideas?

There are two primary ways to get your windows to stand out and remain fashionable simultaneously: non-traditional window coverings and clashing color schemes.

While most living rooms settle for bulky, commonplace blinds, you can give your space a unique, contemporary feeling with roman shades. Additionally, you can order those shades with a vibrant pattern and color to stand out against the neutral shades of most living room walls.

Window treatments are the best way to inject life into an otherwise dull room. So be aware of the power that unique fashion ideas have on a room before making final purchases.

Use Multiple Layers for Sheer Blinds

The perfect window covering can bring the right amount of color, decoration, and vibrancy into a room. But two window coverings can be even better.

Sheer blinds don’t entirely block out sunlight, making them perfect candidates for layering in windows. With two or three blinds all arranged within your windows, you can add multiple tones of color and a variety of different patterns that bring out the most of the room’s aesthetic.

Additionally, you can frame the windows with plants or other decorations for even more layers of color.

Aim for Simplicity with Roof Windows

With the right window fashions ideas and execution, extravagant design visions with non-traditional coverings and clashing color complexes can bring out the most of your home’s interior. However, not all windows need a fashion statement with spray paint on the window frame and multiple layers of blinds.

Sometimes with interior design, simple ideas are the best. That is especially the case with roof windows, where not many matters outside their ability to block or allow light into a room.

Since aesthetics aren’t a primary factor, choosing blackout shades for roof windows that keep sunlight out is often the best choice.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Not every window fashion idea will work. For example, low-quality window coverings might let more light in than desired, some colors might not go together, and poorly made blinds might fade with enough direct sunlight.

Michigan homeowners have a solution for finding quality products for windows and coming up with fashionable design ideas.

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