6 Faux Wood Blinds Benefits That Make Them Ideal for Your Home

Faux wood blinds

Purchasing the right window coverings for your house is a personal and subjective decision. The right shades can add a layer of elegance to a home while simultaneously helping control light and energy use. But with so many customs makes and styles on the market, the decision can seem overwhelming.

However, if you want something affordable, beautiful, and durable, faux wood maybe your best option. Faux wood offers all the aesthetic benefits of natural wood without the extra maintenance cost. They improve the appearance of your windows while blocking out light effectively.

Read on to learn more about faux wood blinds’ benefits and why they’d make the perfect blinds for your home.

1. Faux Wood Blinds Appear Like Real Wood

The most significant and obvious benefit of faux wooden blinds is how closely they resemble actual wood. Wood and faux wood both have a richness and depth that comes from natural wood shades, making them a highlight in whichever room you use these window treatments.

Choose colors like rich wood grains, neutrals, whites, and various textured or smooth finishes, all indistinguishable from actual wood. Faux wood offers hundreds of customization options, so take your time “window shopping” until you find a finish that speaks to you.

2. Economical Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Among faux wood blinds benefits are the cost and continual savings on heating and cooling costs. These window coverings insulate your home during the dead of winter while reducing solar heat and humidity throughout the summer.

Without the proper window covering, your furniture and other valuable items can deteriorate and fade due to UV rays. Closed faux wood blinds eliminate the sun’s rays from reaching your valuables, preserving them for years and preventing you from having to replace anything.

Regardless of the type of faux wood you choose, you’ll spend far less on these blinds than traditional wood – and you’ll get equal if not better results.

white faux wood blinds

3. Versatile and Durable

Resilient and built to last, faux wood blinds act as the perfect treatment option for windows in humid rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. The variable temperatures and excess moisture in these rooms can ravage natural wood blinds.

We make faux wood from PVC plastic materials, perfect for these environments. These blinds tend to outlast their traditional wood counterparts even in more stable rooms, like bedrooms and offices.

4. Simple to Clean

Backpacking off their durability, you can clean faux wood blinds with nearly any cleaning material. Natural wood can warp and deteriorate when exposed to many household cleaning products. This makes faux wood blinds a practical choice for any homeowner, as maintenance does not require jumping through hoops.

5. Easy to Use

Faux wood blinds have access to all the modern conveniences seen with other traditional blinds. You can purchase these blinds with a cordless lift system that makes lowering and raising these window solutions quick and easy.

Set the blinds to the height you want, and you’re good to go. If you have any small children or animals in the home, you can rest assured that they won’t endanger themselves with the cords accompanying older window solutions.

6. Built From Lightweight Materials

Even if you choose not to go cordless, lowering and raising these blinds is still pretty effortless. With a lightweight and slender design, faux wood is easy to operate even for homeowners who have arthritis or other pains and disabilities. This weightlessness makes installing faux wood in large homes or commercial buildings a breeze.

Clear Fortress Window Solutions – Home of the Best Faux Wood Blinds in Michigan

By now, you should understand a little more about faux wood blinds benefits and how they can help liven your home. Countless homeowners have made the switch to faux wood, preserving the class and design benefits of traditional wood at a fraction of the price.

Ready to take the next step? Call Clear Fortress Window Solutions at (248) 482-2730 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and get the process started. We have hundreds of design choices and color selections and will help you every step of the way toward attaining faux wood blinds that perfectly complement your home’s decor.

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