Drapery Ideas for Your Living Room

Living room window treatments

People spend the most time awake in their living rooms. It’s only natural to want to make them look their best.

One of the most common ways homeowners renovate their living room is with drapery. Though they might not sound like much, living room curtains can overhaul the living and dining room.

Since interior drapes come in several colors, patterns, fabrics, sizes, and styles, you can find the perfect one to fit the aesthetic of your living room.

However, it can be challenging to develop the perfect drapery idea for your living room with so many options available. We’ve put together five of the most popular and stylish living room curtain ideas to give home renovators a starting point for their interior remodeling project.

Hang Your Living Room Curtains High

Crafty interior designers who want to give their central space a luxurious aesthetic can do so easily by purchasing luxury curtains for their living room and hanging them up high.

Placing the drapery as close to your ceiling as possible is the best way to maximize its optical effects. Curtains that stretch further will only make your living room appear taller and more elegant by extension.

Drapes and long curtains are often optical illusions, tricking people into thinking a room is taller due to their excessive height and vertical fold lines. Since high ceilings are often associated with elegance and class, long drapery is the perfect living room addition.

drapery ideas

Use Drapes as a Color Complement

Windows and drapery take up enough space on the walls to contribute to the room’s color scheme. So, rather than purchasing curtains that match the interior walls, find an option with a unique color that can complement the overall color scheme.

For example, living room walls painted a primary color such as blue could benefit from the splash of contrast that white curtains provide and vice versa. Additionally, a dull wall color in living rooms can come to life with vibrantly colored curtains. A shade of beige or white can pop with orange or purple curtains.

Drapery ideas for living rooms are powerful ways to transform the space’s overall energy, so carefully consider the effects of color before committing to one design option.

Opt For Stripes or a Subtle Print

Just like drapery color can make your living room more vibrant, curtains with a specific print or unique style can make the space feel more compelling.

Subtle patterns like a soft floral print or colorful stripes will stand out against dull, undecorated walls. These drape options will add some personal charm to an otherwise unremarkable space. So, if your living room could use some minor design enhancements, they are the option for you.

Use Tieback Curtains for Natural Light

Living rooms are a social space in a home and deserve plenty of natural light to keep the mood upbeat. One way to allow plenty of sunlight is to invest in tieback curtains. This drapery option lets you pull the curtains to the side to allow sunlight and frame the window.

Multiple Layers of Sheer Drapes

One sheer curtain on each of your living room windows can give the space a delicate aesthetic with plenty of natural light. However, two sheer drapes can do the same while adding a unique splash of color.

Layering two or three different sheer drapes in a window, ones with complementing patterns and styles is a contemporary trend that will add a diverse color scheme to your living room. Even with the added layers, you will still get the perks of natural sunlight that sheer drapes provide.

We Help You Decide

If you don’t like sheer drapes or tie-back curtains, consider using living room roman shades to provide a modern, composed feel to your home. Pull back these conversation starters with a cord to allow or close off the light from your living room.

No matter which window covering you choose from your living room, we will be there every step of the way to help you decide.

Clear Fortress Window Solutions is your local solution for all your living room drapery needs. Our team can supply you with high-quality curtains in several styles and colors to help make your drapery ideas for your living room come to life.

Call or text our team today at (248) 482-2730 to learn more about our living room drapery options.

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