Energy-Efficient Window Treatments to Beat the Cold

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During the coldest winter days in Michigan, you might find yourself choosing between turning up the heat in your home for extra comfort and worrying about your energy bills. Instead of risking costly monthly expenses, the solution to your problem could lie with your windows. The perfect window coverings can distinguish between a stubborn winter chill and warmth with affordable energy consumption.

Rochester Hills window treatments from Clear Fortress Window Solutions will make your home more energy-efficient. If you are thinking of getting a window treatment in Rochester Hills to keep the brisk Michigan cold at bay, here are some of the best options to consider.

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Stay Warm with Energy-Efficient Michigan Window Treatments Solar Shades

Solar shades may be the most energy-efficient window coverings for homes in Rochester Hills, MI. This shading option effectively blocks heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun from penetrating your windows during the summer. However, solar shades will also keep you warmer during the winter.

Solar shades are excellent passive solar collectors. They keep the winter chill from making a home feel colder than it should be, blocking out cold temperatures while absorbing sunlight. The solar energy they collect converts into a form of radiant heat that keeps your rooms cozy and warm.

Cellular Shades

Another window treatment to consider for maximum energy efficiency is cellular shades or honeycomb shades. In the summer, cellular shades block heat from the sun. They help maintain the warmth your heating system produces during winter by significantly reducing heat loss through windows.

Honeycomb shades have their name due to their honeycomb design, which creates an air barrier between the window glass and a room’s interior. The layering prevents heat from escaping through the window, leaving your home warm and insulated.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are sleek window coverings that easily give rooms a finished, streamlined look. They are excellent options for minimalist or contemporary interior designs because they do not have excess materials, parts, or detailing. Fabric options for roller shades include blackout fabric to block sunlight and light-filtering materials that soften natural light entering a window.

The versatility of roller shades extends to energy efficiency. With the appropriate fabric — typically thick, tightly woven materials — this shading can minimize light and air drafts from windows, leaving your rooms warmer without needing to adjust the thermostat.

Vertical and Horizontal Blinds

Most households in Rochester Hills have either vertical or horizontal blinds. People often assume that the slats in blinds make them more suitable energy-efficient window treatments for the summer. While it is true that interior heat can escape through the open spaces between the slats of vertical and horizontal blinds, you can still use them to keep your home warm while saving on energy costs.

You can close the blinds to reduce the gap between the slats if you do not mind blocking natural light from entering your home. You can angle the blinds to reflect sunlight onto your ceiling or wall if you want sunlight to fill the room. The sunlight will absorb the paint on a dark-colored wall or ceiling, making the room feel warmer.

Window Films

Insulating window film is an excellent choice for year-long insulation. It blocks heat gain from the sun during summer and prevents heat loss from your home’s interior during winter. Unlike traditional Rochester Hills window treatments, window films stick directly onto glass instead of shielding the whole window.

Since window film keeps warmth indoors, your heating system will not have to work hard to adjust for heat loss. Your home will consume less energy, saving you more money.

Combination Treatments (Shades + Drapes)

No rule states you cannot use two custom window treatments to improve your home’s interior aesthetic while preserving its warmth. For instance, combining shades with stylish drapes that complement your furniture and decor will add to the interior design and prevent additional heat loss. You can also pair drapery with blinds to minimize heat loss through the gaps between the slats.

Winter Window Treatments: Blinds Vs. Shades

Blinds and shades have advantages for energy efficiency. However, blinds may be more suitable for reducing energy costs during the summer because they are more effective at blocking sunlight, while shades are better at reducing heat loss.

Contact Clear Fortress for the Most Energy-Efficient Rochester Hills Window Treatments You Can Buy

Energy bills usually increase during the winter because that is when you use your heating system the most. With the right Rochester Hills window treatments, you can save big, enhance your home’s interior appearance, and save on energy costs.

Turn to Clear Fortress Window Solutions for the best Michigan window treatments that offer energy efficiency. Our small but mighty company specializes in many window fashions that provide functionality and beauty, including window shadings, window blinds, and motorized coverings. Call or text (248) 482-2730 to learn more about window treatment in Rochester Hills.

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