Custom Window Treatments Trend for 2022

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This year’s window coverings build on the custom window treatments trends of 2021, with more emphasis on eco-friendly solutions, nature, and the impact of cheerful, bright colors and modern styles.

Window Treatments Trend 1: Patterns and Colors

Neutrals remain popular, but eye-catching colors and bold patterns make a serious comeback. Designs in two or three colors rank at the top of the list, bringing a twist of adventure and joy to your room.

Even if you prefer a more minimalistic décor, 2022’s custom window treatment trends offer many ways to bring color and pattern into your window coverings. Layering window treatments, such as neutral sheers under curtains or draperies with colorful accents, bring a splash of color without overwhelming the space. You could also add a bright valance or cornice above custom shutters.

Some of the colors trending in 2022 include:

  • Bold shades, such as peach, navy blue, and chocolate brown
  • Natural hues, especially cool tones of green, blue, and violet that emphasize the beauty of nature and bring it indoors
  • Neutral tones, primarily beige and ivory to soften the effect of brighter colors and sharper angles of furniture and technology

Window Treatments Trend 2: Sustainable Window Fashions

Natural materials and earth tones continue their popularity. The desire to decorate with sustainable materials appears stronger than ever, as reflected in the innovative uses of natural materials and the increasing demand for eco-friendly fabrics and energy-efficient design.

Sources for natural materials, including basswood, bamboo, and natural fibers such as hemp, make it easier to have stylish window coverings while respecting the environment. Energy-efficient choices are also trending, with more window solutions outfitted to provide insulation and reduce energy use for heating and cooling.


Though we often associate rattan with patio-style furniture, this versatile wood is trending as a window covering. Rattan adds texture and a natural feel to any room, and it makes an ideal choice for roller shades or blinds.

Natural Fabrics

Natural silk and linen make beautiful shades, curtains, and draperies. Available in various colors and textures, they add elegance and warmth to any room. Cotton also remains in demand, with unusual floral patterns and bright, tropical colors taking center stage.

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Window Treatments Trend 3: Focus on the Details

Custom window treatments ideas are not limited to materials and colors. The perfect trims and hardware can do wonders to update your room and make your window treatments pop with a modern flare.

Hardware finishes provide an excellent way to tie your window treatments with the rest of your room décor. From basic brass, gold, and stainless steel to luxurious options with crystal accents, hardware changes the look and tone of your window treatments in a moment.

Another way to add personality and artistry to your window coverings is with decorative trims, tapes, and even embroidery. Embroidery is solid among custom window treatment trends for 2022, whether used in a curtain or drapery pattern, in the lining, or on a sheer.

Modern Window Treatments Styles on Trend

  • Classic Curtains: Ideal for rooms with tall ceilings and hanging with a structured valance or lambrequin. They consist of the curtains themselves and tulle sheers beneath.
  • Roman Blinds: Perfect for the kitchen, blending style and function. Their simple structure and minimalist design ensure they will look impressive in retro-style spaces and hi-tech home offices alike.
  • Japanese Blinds: Cover large spaces well and make a good choice for rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows where privacy is the key. These blinds have weights at the bottom to keep them in place when lowered.
  • Window Film: Consider an alternative to more traditional window coverings. Available in various colors and patterns, including stained glass and frosted glass designs, window film reduces glare and filters direct sunlight while allowing in the light. Blackout window film is also available for additional privacy or if additional energy-saving is needed, as it helps block out sunlight.

Custom Window Treatments in Michigan

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