7 Best Custom Drapes Care Tips in Your Michigan Home to Keep them Fresh

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The most common questions surrounding Michigan custom drapes are how to maintain, clean, and generally care for them. The best answer, of course, is to have a professional care for them.

In many cases, the materials and craftsmanship that go into your custom-made drapery panels are unique and specialized. While one portion may benefit from a particular type of cleaning or care, another part may suffer.

If you need to clean your window treatments, consult with your drapery makers first. Clear Fortress Window Solutions is your family-owned custom window specialist and the premiere window fashions company in Michigan . Our experience with window treatments and films in residential and commercial environments gives us the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right people to care for your custom window treatments.

There are custom drapes care tips and advice you can use to keep your custom-made draperies looking good for years to come in between professional cleanings. Read on to learn more, or call us today for a consultation.

Custom Drapes Care Tips in Your Michigan Home

Custom Draperies Care Tips in Your Michigan Home

Custom window coverings are easy to care for between professional cleanings. Dust, dirt, and animal hair build up over time, and if the curtains are touched often, then oil from your skin leaves a residue that attracts even more dirt.

Regular maintenance and care will keep your curtains from becoming grimy, dull, and discolored. It will also prolong the life of the materials your custom-made draperies are crafted from. Here are seven custom drapes care tips that will help you care for your draperies and keep them fresh.

#1. Shake It Off

Gently shake your drapes as part of your regular cleaning routine. This will help to keep dirt and dust from sticking in the fibers of the materials. Take your drapes down off the curtain rod, remove the hooks, and take them outside, if you can.

Drapes can be heavy, especially lined panels. Work with one panel at a time and use a sturdy chair to help hold the panel off the ground. Or, if you have an outdoor clothesline, put the panel over the clothesline and shake from there.

#2. Vacuuming

You can vacuum your drapery panels occasionally to remove dust and dirt as well. Use a handheld vacuum and attach a soft brush. If you use an upright or canister vacuum, make sure the low-suction setting is on. Depending on your home environment, dust levels, and cooking habits, you may want to vacuum your custom-made drapery panels every two to four months.

#3. Toss and Turn Them

If outdoor shaking isn’t possible, you can clean your custom draperies more thoroughly if you place them in the dryer. Take them off the curtain rods, remove all hooks, and tumble them in the dryer for around 30 minutes. The tumbling will loosen any dust trapped in the fibers of the drapery fabrics.

When you remove the drapes from the dryer, shake them some more to get any remaining dust and debris out.

#4. Sunlight and Fading

If your custom draperies face direct sunlight, it is essential to protect them from the effects of fading. Window blinds, shades, and other inner window coverings can protect your draperies from direct sunlight, saving them from color fading and damage from UV rays.

#5. Washing and Drying

While most heavy drapery panels are not machine washable and must be professionally cleaned, custom-made sheers are often made from washable fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and nylon. Check the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely.

If you are not sure whether to wash the drapes or dry clean them, do a spot test in an inconspicuous corner of the drapes. For heavy or thick drapes, always seek professional deep cleaning.

If the drapes have a lining of a different material than the exterior, do not try to wash them at home. Instead, take them to a professional cleaner who can treat the individual parts of the draperies without bleeding or shrinkage occurring.

#6. Drying and Ironing

Depending on the material, you can tumble dry your sheers. Be sure to remove them from the dryer as soon as the cycle ends, if not before, so they do not begin to wrinkle. If a few wrinkles do occur, or if you had to hang up the sheers to dry, you can iron them to ease the wrinkles out. Iron the curtains before they are completely dry, and make sure you iron on the reverse side.

#7. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your draperies is yet another option. You can effectively steam clean your drapes while they are still hanging up. Start at the top and make your way down slowly. Hold the steamer gently against the fabric and do not push at the material.

How to Order Custom Drapes in Michigan

Ordering custom curtains in Michigan begins with the initial consultation. Once you know the type of custom-made drapery panels you want for your home, contact Clear Fortress Window Solutions and schedule a consultation. We’ll take the measurements of your windows and frames and provide you with the best estimate for custom orders and installing your new draperies.

How Much Does Custom Made Drapery Cost?

Custom-made drapery panels are made to measure and fit your unique specifications. The cost of your custom-made window coverings depends on the size of the panels needed and the materials they are made from. Another critical factor is the maker; custom retail draperies may be less expensive than window coverings made by a professional designer.

On the low end of custom-made drapery are curtains made from single-layer fabrics such as inexpensive kinds of cotton. These curtains typically start at $250 per panel. In the mid-price range are double-layer draperies and more expensive materials.

High-end custom-made drapes feature designer silks, brocades, and velvets, linen. They also have linings and sometimes interlinings. High-end custom drapes may cost as much as $1,500 per panel, depending on fabrics and design.

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Clear Fortress Window Solutions has been providing custom draperies in Michigan since 2010. We can help you find the ideal custom draperies for your home with excellent customer service and attention to detail. For more information or custom drapes care tips and advice, call us today at (248) 482-2730.

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