Best Experienced Window Fashions Design Consultants in Michigan

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Remodeling your home can be a grander project than you realize at first. And by the time you stopped worrying about what color you want your walls to be, you noticed that your drabby windows no longer match the decor of your otherwise perfect house.

Treatment for your windows can elevate a room or a home to the gorgeous interior you’ve dreamed of living in. Window fashions design consultants in Michigan are here to help you take the crucial step in your remodeling project and have you admiring every aspect of your home.

In Michigan, window coverings services typically include a lot more than a new set of window blinds and provide more benefits than most homeowners realize at first.

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Window Fashions Design Consultants in Michigan

How Much Are Professional Window Treatments?

There is much more that goes into determining the cost of window treatment than who provides the service. While some design consultants might have higher rates than others, several factors will go into deciding how much money you should set aside for your treatment service.

Depending on what you’re looking for with your window treatment and where you would like your treatment services to be applied, rates for your service could fluctuate. Be sure to keep the following factors in mind before scheduling your window treatment service.

  • Specific product type: With Clear Fortress Window Solutions, our window fashion design consultants will give you the chance to create the perfect window for your dream home. For us, that means letting you choose from a wide variety of window treatment products, from simple blinds and shades to motorized window treatments and everything in between.
  • Product quality: The quality of the materials you choose to purchase will be as big a factor in determining the cost of your window treatment as the specific product itself. Some window treatment plans will provide more cost-effective options for design visions that fit a lower budget but will come without the benefits of lasting durability and superior aesthetic appeal.
  • One room vs. one home: Maybe it’s a bit obvious, but the cost of your window treatment will change based on how many windows you’re looking to upgrade. Finding the ideal treatment plan for one room of windows will run a higher service cost than upgrading an entire house full of them.

What Services Are Included in Window Treatment?

When professionals handle the process, window treatment is a hassle-free experience that only requires you to explain your design vision to a team of experts. 

 The window treatment process typically begins with a design consultation, during which a window covering expert will work with you directly to best come up with a design plan for your home. After you have found your desired window coverings, you will be able to set them up yourself or have a member of the team providing your window treatment service install them for you.

 Professional window treatment can be as hands-off a process as you want it to be. Selecting services from a quality window treatment shop will allow you to do nothing more than find the aesthetic that suits you and let the experts handle the rest.

Importance of Window Coverings Services

Maybe you’re considering a window covering service to improve the overall decor of your home. If you are, then you’ve made a great decision! 

 At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, our window fashion design consultants know that a shabby-looking window with dated coverings can be an eyesore that drags down the aesthetic of an entire room. But a team of window treatment professionals can transform a cheap-looking window into the perfect complement for your dream home with a simple upgrade.

 However, there are more advantages to upgrading your window coverings with a treatment service than just aesthetics.  

  • Privacy: We’ve all been there. After a long day, sometimes all you want is to head home and be away from the outside world, alone and comfortable in your own house. But for those with large, street-facing windows, that can be challenging to achieve without the proper window treatment. Sometimes, cheap blinds can fail to keep you feeling separated from the world beyond your walls, which is why it can be a relief to upgrade to high-quality blinds or plantation shutters to help you feel secure. 
  • Sunlight: While the hottest summer days of Michigan aren’t as unbearable as they are in other parts of the world, sometimes, all we want is to get away from the heat. Low-quality window coverings can make that a difficult task, allowing in more natural sunlight than you want and keeping you from staying cool. Hiring a window covering service can help you control the climate in your home and keep the sun outside where it belongs.

Best Window Treatments Services in Michigan

For the best window fashions design consultants in all of Michigan, look no further than Clear Fortress Window Solutions, a local company from Auburn Hills with over 100 years of combined experience in window installation, design, and general customer service.

Clear Fortress Window Solutions has helped the people of Michigan reach their goal of upgrading their homes in a friendly and professional manner since our founding in 2010, offering free design consultation and a wide array of window treatment products for over a decade.

Window Treatment Installers in Michigan

Our window treatment shop and services extend through many communities in the great state of Michigan. So, if you live anywhere in Metro Detroit, Brighton, Livingston Country, or live within 50 miles of the Greater Lansing Area, Ann Arbor, or Midland, our window treatment team will come to you. 

Clear Fortress Window Solutions Team of Designers, Installers and Admin

Clear Fortress Window Solutions serves over 1,500 clients in Michigan each year and would love to be there for you during your next window remodeling project. Contact the window fashions design consultants in Michigan at Clear Fortress Window Solutions today via our website or at (248) 482-2730 to set up a consultation.

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