Know the Top 6 Motorized Window Treatment Benefits that Can Offer to Your Home

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Homeowners seeking a cost-effective home comfort and lighting solution should take advantage of a motorized window treatments. Smart blinds and shades are becoming a popular amenity. Motorized window treatment benefits are plentiful thanks to smart technology, innovative designs, and specialized features.

The 6 Motorized Window Treatment Benefits

There are many motorized window treatment benefits, including:

#1. Convenience

A motorized option allows you to control window treatments remotely. Other treatments have automated timers or motion sensors to enable hands-free control.

#2. Energy efficiency

Motorized window blinds and shades help save money on energy bills by allowing you to control light levels and serving as a layer of insulation for your windows.

#3. Increased Home Value

Automated window treatments significantly increase your home’s value considering all the benefits they bring. They are attractive amenities for buyers and sellers alike.

#4. Versatile controls

You can control motorized window treatments with remote controls or wireless switches, and they integrate with your existing smart home technology. Anyone in the home has access to controls wherever they go.

#5. Safety for children and pets

It’s not rare for children and pets to get tangled in window treatment cords or chew on tiny parts. You can rest easy knowing these hazards aren’t present with motorized treatments.

#6. Protection

Motorized window coverings offer protection from sunlight and intruders. Many options block out UV rays while letting some light through. Timed window treatments create the illusion of activity in the home, even when you’re still at work.

How Do Motorized Window Treatments Work?

Other than the technological aspect of motorized window treatments, they’re quite similar to non-motorized treatments, although you can achieve a look similar to traditional window treatment styles and colors.

However, motorized window treatments operate on battery power or a hardwired source. Cordless options operate almost silently and pose no threat to children or pets.

Remote control window treatments allow you to control blinds and window shades via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Some are compatible with your home’s smart comfort system and integrate seamlessly, and others have sensors that prompt them to adjust accordingly.

Top 6 Motorized Window Treatment Benefits

How Much Do Motorized Window Treatments Cost?

There is no one cost for a motorized window treatment. Motorized window treatments’ prices vary depending on the material, special features, and window dimensions and style.

You can expect most motorized treatments to cost $300 to $1,000. Treatments with high-end fabrics, motion sensors, and smart home integration will be on the higher end of the price range. Additional features such as UV-resistant material or automated shade control can increase prices past this.

You’ll also need to consider the costs of labor. A window treatment installer, such as one of the professionals at Clear Fortress, can help you determine the exact cost.

How to Use Motorized Window Treatments

Using motorized window treatments can be challenging at first and may come with a slight learning curve. Window treatment installers will explain how to effectively operate your new motorized window treatments. For most homeowners, controlling your motorized window treatments is as easy as pressing a button on your smartphone or remote control. Many motorized window treatments have dedicated applications for easy activation. A motion-activated window treatment simply relies on a person walking past the sensor. Systems with in-depth configurations may allow you to set up automation conditions, and others enable you to schedule motorized treatments to activate at certain times.

Who Makes the Best Motorized Window Treatments in Michigan?

You’ll find the best motorized window treatments in Michigan from Clear Fortress Window Solutions. We partner with Graber, a top window treatment manufacturer, to provide customers with high-end motorized window treatments in Auburn Hills and the surrounding areas. Our range of motorized blinds, shades, and custom curtains is an effective Michigan window solution for any home or business. Whether you need motorized blinds for children’s bedrooms or luxurious motorized shades for your living room, we have a durable, money-saving solution. Our professionals bring almost 50 years of experience to your home. We offer an in-home consultation so you can see window treatments to ensure the best fit. Consider Clear Fortress Window Solutions when you need versatile, convenient window treatment solutions. Contact the trusted Michigan window treatment specialist, Fortress Window Solutions your leading motorized window treatment provider in Auburn Hills, MI to discuss other motorized window treatment benefits at (248) 482-2730.

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