Basement Window Treatments

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Basement window treatments can add texture, warmth and aesthetic appeal to a primarily functional space. Besides the visual enhancement, basement window dressings protect your home from sunlight, add privacy and assist with temperature control.

Customized Basement Window Treatments

At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, we offer various basement window fashions to suit your needs. 

Curtains or Draperies 

Add warmth and style to your basement with custom drapes or curtains. Your basement may be cold, damp and plain — thick curtains and drapes can change that. Heavy fabrics like velvet can make the space seem bigger, while light colors can uplift the area and enliven the space.


Custom interior window shutters can enhance your basement’s appearance. They bring a welcoming and sophisticated feel to any space, and you can adjust the wide louvers for ultimate control over the light and privacy. Choose between composite or wood shutters and your tilt preference.

Shutters can also be used creatively. You can install plantation shutters below your basement windows to give the illusion that they’re larger than they really are.


Blinds for basement windows provide you privacy and the ability to control the light entering the space. Blinds come in various materials and colors, allowing you to find a solution that suits your basement best.


Custom shades for basement windows offer a unique solution. Pleated or cellular shades help trap air, creating a layer of insulation in the room. Roller shade designs are suitable for any space, offering an energy-efficient solution you can customize with color, fabric and opacity level.

Roman shades can give a more draped look, with horizontal pleats when drawn and simplified one material look when lowered.

Window Film

Window film is often tinted and professionally applied to the surface of your windows for protection. The film comes in various colors and designs, making it simple to customize your basement. 

Window film protects your space from the sun while letting some light through. It is seamless and decorative, and it holds glass shards in place if your windows are broken or vandalized.

The Benefits of Basement Window Treatments

Many people leave their basement windows uncovered, potentially leading to significant energy loss. The right treatment can insulate your property and reduce long-term energy costs. Other benefits of basement window fashions include:

  • Privacy: Window treatments give your basement more privacy and protection. No passersby can look in.
  • Visual appeal: If your basement is part of your living space, it should complement the look of the rest. Window dressing can transform the aesthetic and visual appeal of your basement.
  • UV protection: Basement windows may have less natural light, but harmful UV rays can penetrate the smallest openings. Protect this area from sun exposure by covering it.

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