The Best Bathroom Window Treatments


Bathroom window treatments should give you privacy, but not compromise style and beauty, as well as functionality. It’s great to have a window in your bathroom for natural lighting, but privacy can be an issue in this part of your home. You need your privacy with either filtered lighting or window treatment products that are semi-sheer to protect your family from the prying eyes of the neighbors. Bathroom Window treatments also give it a polished feel with the finishing touch to make it complete. Ideas for shades, roller shades, draperies, and blinds can help you to make a decision on the best possible window treatment solution possible. Don’t do boring–do beautiful!

Formal Bathroom with Full-Length Drapes

Any room in your home can be made more elegant and dramatic with full-length drapes. When they are hung from a drapery rod that is barely under the ceiling, and the bottoms just kiss the floor, you will have an amazing window treatment. This works especially well if you have a free-standing bathtub, such as a lovely claw foot tub. It adds a sense of formality and makes your bathroom seem like a spa. You can consider outdoor fabrics that are treated to repel water and prevent mildew for the longest-lasting bathroom window treatments. Adding drapery panels to your bathroom windows adds a touch of softness to the otherwise hard and smooth surfaces of your countertops and flooring for a complete package of beauty.

Energy-Efficient Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades as they are often referred to, are one of the most energy-efficient window treatments you can choose. If your bathroom window gets a lot of sunshine, then this can be a great window-covering solution for you. Cellular shades give you the utmost lighting control in the top-down bottom-up configuration. These shades have one half on the bottom of the window and another half fo the top. You can pull the top down to the center of the window for natural lighting in your bathroom. You can also decide to raise the bottom half up to the center of the window at the same time the top half is open and have a beautiful view. Each of the halves works independently of the other for ultimate lighting control.

Affordable and Simple Bathroom Window Blinds

Window blinds are among the least expensive options for window treatments. They are available in faux wood and vinyl materials that can withstand the temperature changes in your bathroom as well as the humid conditions. Modern window blinds are available with many options in the size of the vanes, colors, and materials that they are made of for all your needs. Blinds are affordable and can come with customized options, such as child-safe blinds that are cordless.

Cafe Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

If your bathroom happens to be upstairs in your home, or it doesn’t face a nearby neighbor’s home, you can consider cafe-style window treatments. This style only covers the bottom half of your window in your bathroom and leaves the top half open for natural lighting. This idea works great with draperies, curtains, shades, or blinds in your choice of styles and colors. Cafe-style window treatments work well for almost any window in your home, but especially for hot and humid areas, such as your bathroom or kitchen.

Consider Green Roman Shades

Roman shades are very elegant in their style and they are available in many different styles. If your bathroom has any shade of green in the countertops, flooring, shower tiles, or any other area, you may choose to have green Roman shades to tie in all the elements in your bathroom with your decor. Shades of green are very popular because they give an earthy and calm feeling to any space. If instead, you have other colors in your bathroom, then you can choose window treatments in the same color palette for a finished and professional look.

Best Bathroom Window Treatments

Cotton Drapery Panels

Cotton and cotton blends are the most durable fabrics that you can choose for drapery panels. You can have privacy without sacrificing the brightness in your bathroom and filter light instead of blocking it all out. Choose a light color in a fabric that is thin enough to let some natural lighting through. Cotton is an excellent choice because it holds up extremely well in humid conditions of bathrooms.

Bathroom Window Shades

Window shades are made of fabric, which gives you thousands of choices in weight, color, pattern, and texture. Roller shades have a crisp and clean feeling to them with straight lines. There are also many styles of window shades from which to choose, such as custom Roman shades, roller shades, and solar shades, all of which can be customized to meet your needs and desires.

Bare Bathroom Windows

If your bathroom is upstairs and privacy is not an issue with neighbors being far away, consider changing your window and replacing it with a stained-glass window for the ultimate in beauty and style or a frosted glass window for interest in your bathroom. These ideas work out well for bathroom windows located in the shower or tub area which rules out most fabric shades and curtains. In this case, you can have natural light for brightness in your bathroom without sacrificing your privacy.

Roller Shades to The Rescue

Consider roller shades for your bathroom window treatments. They are classic, simple, affordable, and easy to operate. The fabric appears as a solid piece of material when your roller shades are closed completely. When you open them, the fabric rolls up into a cassette at the top of the window in a neat and tidy fashion. Choosing a thicker fabric, such as thick linen, will also insulate your bathroom from the cold in the winter months when it’s cool outside.


You have a huge amount of choices in your bathroom window treatments. The functionality depends on how your windows are oriented, and how much privacy you need. At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, we have decades of experience as professional interior designers. We can help you choose the most perfect bathroom window treatments and any other custom window treatments you desire. Contact us today for a consultation to see what your windows can achieve with modern custom window treatments!

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