5 Decorative Wall Panel Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Look

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Installing a decorative wall panel inside your home is a great way to boost its appearance. The timeless look gives your home a unique style without demanding high prices. If you’re looking for new decorative wall panel ideas, Clear Fortress can help.

The Clear Fortress Window Solutions team has extensive experience with numerous wall paneling styles and can elevate nearly any home with their paneling expertise. We’ve put together a few decorative wall panel ideas that can take your home to new heights. Here are five decorative wall panel ideas for your Michigan home.

Best 5 Decorative Wall Panel Ideas

1. Rail Height Wooden Wall Panels

Striking the perfect balance between classic and contemporary wall paneling can be challenging. However, rail height wooden wall panels provide the traditional look without dating the room. Rail height wooden panels give a space a sophisticated look that’s perfect for living rooms and studies.

2. Wood Tile Paneling

Homeowners looking to modernize their homes might consider using wood tile paneling. Installing eye-catching wooden tiles gives a room an elegant and modern feel. It also gives you complete control over the panel design, allowing you to create patterns that match your personal taste.

3. Tongue-and-Groove Paneling

If you’re looking for a more rustic style, tongue-and-groove paneling might be the perfect solution. It consists of long wooden planks that you can arrange vertically or horizontally. Tongue-and-groove paneling visually expands the room while giving it a cozy feel.

4. 3D Wall Paneling

One of the best ways to liven up a room is to install unique 3D paneling. These artistic wall panels can breathe new life into any drab living space, giving it a unique aesthetic that will captivate visitors. Some even portray optical illusions, enhancing a room’s style even further.

5. Wallpapered Wall Paneling

Wallpapering over old, outdated wood paneling is a great way to refresh a room quickly while maintaining the aesthetic of the panels. Wallpapering over the wall paneling is also a fantastic solution to improve a room without exceeding your financial means.

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How Do You Install Decorative Wall Panels?

Installing decorative wall panels is easier than most people think. Below is a six-step installation guide to help you install your new wall panels. Click each step to see the detailed instructions.

Step One: Prepare the Panels

Start by placing your new panels in the room you want them in at least two days before installation. This allows the panels to grow accustomed to the room’s air and moisture levels.

Step Two: Sand the Panels

If your panels have any rough spots, sand them to make them smooth.

Step Three: Determine the Stud Locations

Next, locate the wall studs and mark them with a pencil.

Step Four: Install the Bracing

After that, place the bracing onto the studs and secure it.

Step Five: Secure the Panels

Once you secure the braces, screw the panels to the wall.

Step Six: Finish the Panels

Finally, use molding to hide the panels’ joint seams. Also, use molding to secure the top and bottom parts of the decorative panels.

You could also hire a team like Clear Fortress Window Solutions to install your decorative wall panels for a small fee. It will save you time and ensure superior results.

Where To Buy the Best Decorative Panels in Michigan

Clear Fortress Window Solutions provides high-quality decorative wall panels in Michigan. Our window treatment products consist of the best quality materials and can upgrade your home to your taste.

Which Interior Wall Paneling Is Best?

Every wall paneling has its own appeal. Some people prefer modern 3D paneling, while others enjoy more rustic styles. We can help you select the highest quality wall paneling that fits your interior design style and home goals.

Is Decorative Wall Paneling Expensive?

Wall paneling costs vary depending on the style, size, and wood quality. However, Clear Fortress Window Solutions offer premium wall panels at fair and affordable prices. We will work with you to find the best wall paneling for your home while staying within your budget.

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Clear Fortress Window Solutions is Michigan’s most trusted wall paneling company. Our team provides first-class wall paneling and can even help you install your panels for a reasonable price. Whether you’re looking for more decorative wall panel ideas or need help with the installation process, Clear Fortress Window Solutions is here for you.

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