Understanding Custom Window Shades Benefits

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Your choice of window treatment can dramatically affect the look and feel of a room. Not only do shades control the amount of light, but they often add the finishing touch that makes a space feel complete.

If you’ve decided to go with roller window shades, it may be worthwhile to look at custom options as well. Custom window shades’ benefits make them an incredibly appealing option for a wide range of spaces. Whether you’re looking for a single roller shade for a sunny spot or want to redo all your side panels, you’re sure to find the ideal window solution for your needs.

5 Custom Window Shades’ Benefits

#1. Get Professional Design Advice

While it can be a lot of fun designing your room from the ground up, it’s always a good idea to have an extra set of eyes. By getting custom shades in Michigan with Clear Fortress, you also get a team of professional designers helping you achieve your dream look.

If you’re not artistically inclined, then our designers can handle the entire process from start to finish. But if you already have a vision, the design team will fill in the gaps regarding natural light exposure, UV ray reductions, and energy-efficient choices.

#2. Get the Perfect Fit

Some Michigan homes have unique windows that don’t fit a standard size. If you have one of these homes, you know how hard it can be to find an off-the-shelf solution that fits perfectly, and how frustrating it is to buy something that doesn’t produce the results you want.

One of the main custom window shade benefits is getting the ideal custom window treatments for your home. You’ll never have to deal with window shades that are slightly too long or let in light at the sides. Instead, you can relax and let a manufacturer cut your custom shades to guarantee the ideal fit for every one of your windows.

#3. Choose the Ideal Materials

Most retailers sell one-size-fits-all solutions, which can dramatically limit your choices in terms of colors, textures, and materials. If you want something unusual, like a roller shade made from faux wood, or want a bright, eye-catching color, custom window shades in Michigan are your best bet.

Most custom window manufacturers will have a massive range of fabrics, materials, and colors. They’ll also be able to combine functionality with style by providing you with a range of options like continuous loop control, motorized wand controls, and even child safety features. When it comes to custom window shades in Michigan, your needs come first.

#4. Better Energy-Efficiency

Windows, in general, are terrible at retaining or blocking heat. This means that they’ll make rooms hotter in summer while also letting heat escape during winter. Instead of relying on your HVAC system to compensate, getting custom window treatments can improve the energy efficiency of a room with ease.

What makes custom shades so useful is that they can let in natural light without letting in the heat as well. You can also use a roller shade to control the amount of sunlight entering a room, ensuring that you get the perfect mix of light and heat at all times.

#5. High-Quality Materials and Excellent Warranty

If you’re getting custom window shades in Michigan, you’re expecting quality. Most custom window treatment manufacturers pride themselves on their work, which translates into high-quality materials, excellent craft, and stellar customer service. Custom shades are your best option if you want to get the absolute best in form, function, and quality.

How to Clean Custom Shades for Home

How you clean your custom window shades will depend on the material. Wood shades just need regular dusting, while fabric shades may benefit from the occasional deep clean. Clear Fortress is happy to answer any questions you might have about how to clean your window shades – just get in touch with us or call us now at the number shown in our homepage.

How to Install Custom Window Shades

Installing custom window shades may seem simple, but some aspects can get tricky. We recommend getting a window treatment professional to install them for you. When you buy your shades at Clear Fortress, we’ll be with you during every step from picking out your shades to installing them.

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Where Can I Buy Window Shades in Michigan?

There are several good custom window shade manufacturers in Michigan, such as Clear Fortress Window Solutions. Working with a local company ensures that they can come to your home to measure and install the shades, which you may not get if you order shades online.

How to Measure for Custom Window Shades

Before you place your order, you’ll need to measure your window space. The custom shade manufacturer will often have a diagram showing you exactly what measurements to take.

How to Remove Window Shades

Most of our shades come with easily removable parts that make washing and cleaning even simpler. If you need to remove your current shades before installing new ones, our installers will be happy to help.

How to Hang Custom Shades

Our expert team of installers will hang your shades to maximize their functionality and looks. They’ll guide you through the removal and re-hanging process so that you can do it yourself when you need to clean them.

Order Your Custom Window Shades Today

If you want to enjoy custom window shades benefits, get in touch with Clear Fortress Window Solutions today!

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